Crampin’ my Style

So, here I am 5 days away from my first 5k of the year…semi-benched from running for the time being. Granted, none of it is official (mostly because I am too stubborn to go to the doctor because I’m guessing they will bench me from running – seems more ‘official’ and obligatory if someone ELSE says it), but based on a lot of research and the nature of the pain I felt on Friday when struggling to limp through one mile, I’m thinking there’s something a little more serious going on than just sore muscles from being a beginner runner. Let it be a lesson, folks — over-training is real. I will update you all when I actually know something, but for at least the next 6 days I am going to take it easy, reduce the impact of my workouts, and live in denial. (I don’t recommend following in my limping footsteps on this one, just as advice.)

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting? On Friday night, Trav and I had a group of friends over for Wine (and Beer) and Wii. I like to think I am really good at bowling, but really I am pretty awful at ALL video games. Introducing people to the WiiU game where you go around and pick up all the candies and try to avoid the player with the fork/knife who haven’t seen it beforeĀ is pretty much awesome, though. I think we are going to make Wine and Wii a monthly event. Do you have a favorite hang out activity?

Last night was pretty restless for me. I’m hoping that means that spring is around the corner — I seem to always have vivid and somewhat twisted dreams right near the change of the seasons. Regardless, I think it is time to call it a night and hope for a more restful one. Here’s today’s workout! It was definitely one to keep the heart pumping, but on a slightly lower-impact scale. Enjoy!