Disappearing Act

Hello again, blog world! How’ve you been? Life has been busy and full of changes on this end. Definitely a factor in the long hiatus, but also a rather lame excuse.

So, since it has been some time since we talked, I suppose I will start with a highlight reel of some of the biggest changes since we last spoke!

Things I’ve Accomplished

1. I am now a certified personal trainer!! I got my certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in the end of the summer last year and took a job (part-time) at one of the local gyms. I really loved the NASM philosophy on training and appreciated that the OPT model is scientifically based. I saw a lot of parallels in the material with what I learn in Occupational Therapy school.

2. I am back in OT school! After taking a year off to handle a pretty stressful job situation, I have been able to realign some things to put my focus back into working on my Master’s degree. I love the field of occupational therapy already! There is so much potential and so many ways that I can enrich people’s lives.

3. I ran my first half marathon! I kinda can’t believe I actually did that one. Thanks, gym buddy, for the support. Definitely wouldn’t have even tried were it not for you. I can’t say it was easy – I am pretty sure somewhere around mile 10 I was ready to curl up in a ball in the ditch for a nap – but I’d be remiss to say that I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, I am planning to run again this year. And this time for time! (My goal for this first go-round was simply to finish and run the whole thing. Aside from a few bathroom stops, I’m proud to say I accomplished that mission!)

Things I’m Working On

1. I am getting certified to teach group fitness! I have started a love-affair with the group x class atmosphere. Traditionally, my gym trips were time to zone out with myself and the weight rack. Everything was self-directed and self-monitored. I like the extra push you get from going to group fitness classes. The environment itself pushes you to work it just a little bit harder!

2. I am (hopefully) getting certified to teach Pop Pilates! When Cassey announced a few months back that you could now get certified to teach her style of Pilates classes, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. My mat has definitely seen some extra loving over the past couple months! I am still working out details, but I’ll keep you updated.

3. Taking me time. In case this doesn’t kind show it, I’ve been mega insanely busy, and dealing with some pretty big stressors in my personal life. I am working on setting aside time to take care of myself, not just by working out. I cannot even begin to explain how important that is, friends.

4. Coming back to blogging! When I was writing consistently, it was a kind of stress relief in and of itself just to put things down in a post. I want to make that a priority again.

Happy New Year (a couple months in) and I look forward to spending more time with you!