Birthdays and Half Marathons

So, I ¬†have been on somewhat of a hiatus from posting. There has been a lot of chaos going on in the career world that has distracted me from my focus on the fitness world. I have still been working out daily — pretty much the only reason that I’ve stayed sane — but my workouts have been chaotically planned, at best.

Big news….I registered for a Half Marathon!!! Holy crap…what the heck am I thinking?!?! To date, my longest run is just short of 5 miles. Fortunately, I have another 5+ months to train ¬†— the race is on October 19th. I will keep you up to date on training progress. It should be interesting!

More on 1/2 Marathons, etc. soon, but first I wanna wish a very happy birthday to gym buddy!!! While I’ve only known you for a few months, I know that I would not be in place that I am on my fitness journey, were it not for you. You have been an inspiration, a training partner, and have become a best friend. You push me to my limits, and encourage me to grow. I am very lucky to have met you, and I hope that we have many more gym days to come — even if it means I am kicking your butt in a crazy HIIT, or you are destroying me in a long run. Happy Birthday!

I will post a new workout soon, but for now here is a lovely pic from my recent runway show (details to follow)!!! Travis, me, and gym buddy!