Workout Changes = Kick my Butt!

I love workouts that teach me something about myself and/or my workout style. As I posted on Monday, yesterday I participated in workout #1 of the Winter Shape Up (the printout is available via the link). For the past month or so I have been pretty well independently designing my own workouts (with a little input/distraction from people at the gym). I have felt like I have been pushing myself and adding new and challenging elements to my workouts…and then I did another workout designed by someone else. One word – OUCH!

Gina’s first workout of the Winter Shape Up definitely challenged me differently than even my own HIIT/Tabata style workouts. I modified a few elements (I repeated the squats/lunges x3 times to get in a lower body session, but did just one set of the upper body work since I strength-trained upper body on Monday), and I was definitely huffing and puffing by the end! This workout was awesome because I was able to complete it in about 35 minutes (with the additional lower body reps), so it was perfect for a day when I had plans after work (Happy Birthday, Travis!), but I still felt like I had gotten a complete strength/cardio session in!

Doing this workout also showed me that, despite the variety that I try to add into all my different workouts, I still have fallen into some patterns in my workout design. You like what you like, and I’m noticing that, for me, it tends to impact the elements I use most often in my workouts. Changing elements in your routine helps to allow continued progression and prevent plateauing. Whether it’s running at a different time of the day, changing the order/reps/sets of exercises, or doing a different workout all together, change keeps your body guessing and promotes physical change.

Well, that’s all for now. I will have another workout up tonight!


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