Mondays and Snow Rollers

Who’s ready for spring??? Generally, I don’t mind the winter. I actually thoroughly enjoy the first snow of the year. I love the smell of snow — so crisp and clean. I almost always go outside and dance under the snowflakes the first time it snows for the season. But this year…I’ve about had enough! It was snowy and cold all weekend, to the point that much of the weekend I didn’t feel safe out and about on the roads. I did a few of the new Blogilates videos and some yoga, but after two days of being cooped up, immediately after 4 days of the cold from Hades, I am totally getting cabin fever! And then, the cold…today it was 7 degrees…tomorrow, -10 degrees with a -35 degree windchill. EWWWWW! I am so ready to be done with all that!

The big news in Columbus — Snow rollers. Apparently, when it is SUPER-DUPER cold, snowy, and there’s enough wind, mother nature decides to try her hand and snowman building. Craziest phenomenon ever. Check it out. Snow balls, courtesy of mother nature!

And some more… Definitely quite the site to see!

Winter Shape Up 2014

Despite the bitter cold and my car’s mild protests at such, I did make it to the gym today. Today, I focused on back and biceps. I am still taking it a little easy on the cardio as I try to get over the linger cough from the cold I managed to catch last week. Tomorrow I will be joining in the Winter Shape Up, designed by Fitnessista. I adore her blog, so thought it would be a great time to change up my routine a little bit and give some of her workouts a try! Since a lot of the time I focus a little more heavily on strength training, I will likely be combining some of the elements of her Winter Shape Up with some of my own strength training routines. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, it is definitely a MUST-READ! I will keep you up to date with some of my favorites from her workouts, but check out the site, too. There’s a meal plan component, designed by another blogger/ dietician that’s sure to be good for some winter food ideas! I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, but I scanned through them today and there’s definitely a few I intend to check out!

Ok, so here’s my workout from today! I am going to try to head to be at a decent time tonight — Shooting for early morning gym session tomorrow! (Wish me luck!)

Cardio – 15 minutes on StairMaster

Strength – Back and Biceps!

  • Assisted Pull-ups
  • Close-Grip Lat Pull Down
  • Stiff-Arm Cable Push Downs
  • Dumbbell Hammer Curls
  • Close-Grip Seated Row
  • Bent-over Dumbbell Row
  • Bench Crunches
  • Dumbbell Curls
  •             15 Box Jumps
  • Barbell Bent-over rows
  • Barbell Curls
  • Barbell Deadlifts
  •             30 Plank Reachers (15 Each Arm)

Alright, for all my fellow mid-westerners, stay warm out there!


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